Program of Study

This 15-credit program is offered throughout the year, with entry in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Coursework is offered on the online format to meet the needs of the K12 classroom educators. Educators will receive the highest quality instruction from faculty with a rich background of experience in K12 reading environments. A faculty member will advise students as he or she goes through the program to enable effective completion the requirements needed to become a Dyslexia therapist. Students are required to keep a B average in all courses. Additionally, students will be required to keep a high level of professionalism when completing coursework and working with students. When candidate completes all the requirements of the endorsement, he or she can apply for a Dyslexia therapist certification from the Arkansas Department of Education.

Each course will have 14-16 lessons that take a week or longer to complete. Each lesson will begin with students answering 5-10 questions related to the topic he or she is about to learn. These will not be graded but will be required to gain access to the lesson activities. The goal of this is to guide and develop lesson discussion questions based on student responses. After each lesson there will also be a graded quiz over the information. Each course will also have 3-5 journal article reviews that relate to the course and Dyslexia. It is important for educators to stay current on the lasted news and research in Dyslexia. One major project will be incorporated into each course. The project will be associated to the student's field experience. Each course has a certain amount of hours of field experience that will allow students to apply what he or she has learned in the educational environment. The program will also collaborate with the department of Curriculum and Instruction and Speech and Hearing Clinic. This will give the program added support and resources to best educate students within the program.